Opening of Article biennial 2016

11 Aug 2016 - 18:00

Come join us in the New Eden!
The exhibition will be presented at Sølvberget Gallery, Sølvberget Culturehouse Stavanger

Opening 11 August at 18:00

The following artists will present their work in the exhibition:
Eva Bakkeslett (NO) / Joe Davis (US) / Jalila Essaïdi (DE) / Gints Gabrans (LV) / George Gessert (US) / Margherita Pevere (DE) 

The art exhibition will feature art with advanced use of biotechnology, participatory plant breeding, continuation of primeval Norwegian traditions and the ability to preserve your secrets for eternity.

During the opening weekend, we will also present Norway's premiere of the film festival BIO·FICTION in collaboration with Stavanger Kino. This international film festival for synthetic biology, science and art is produced by Biofaction.
Afterwards, you can quench your thirst of knowledge under i/o/lab`s suite Art Science & Cocktails - and pamper yourself with exquisite experiences of the three things we love most ...
The opening weekend will be spiced with opportunities for discussions, reflections, and meetings with artists who have made their mark internationally through their research. 

Article biennial 2016 is curated by Hege Tapio (i/o/lab) in collaboration with co-curator Nora S. Vaage