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Article 2016

The Sixth Article Biennial is presented in Stavanger
August 11th - October 2nd, 2016 at Sølvberget Galleri

Opening August 11th, at 18:00

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Article Biennial 2016 is curated by i/o/lab by Hege Tapio in collaboration with co-curator Nora S. Vaage, who wrote her doctoral thesis on Bioart at the University of Bergen.

THEME for the Article Biennial 2016
New Eden - or the new paradise ... What happens when humanity becomes aware of everything, and we have the opportunity to create the world in our own image?
Where is the line between good and evil, and we will be able to know everything, or have eternal life?
According to the Christian creation story, man lived carefree and innocent in the Garden of Eden, until the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge.
Article Biennial 2016's exhibition New Eden explores our advanced knowledge of manipulating life, and where we might be heading with this.
In the New Eden are creatures that have been created through advanced intervention in the natural order. Today we have enough knowledge to create gold, make skin withstand bullets, and store information in DNA. What do we do with this knowledge? And what does it do us? What are the implications of the new biotechnology on society?

Article 2016 will present the following artists:
Eva Bakkeslett (NO) / Joe Davis (US) / Jalila Essaïdi (NL) / Gints Gabrans (LV) / George Gessert (US) / Margherita Pevere (DE)

The art exhibition will feature art with advanced use of biotechnology, participatory plant breeding, continuation of primeval Norwegian traditions and the ability to preserve your secrets for eternity. During the opening weekend, we will also present Norway's premiere film festival BIO · FICTION in collaboration with Stavanger Kino. This international film festival for synthetic biology, science and art is produced by Biofaction.
Afterwards, you can quench your thirst of knowledge under i/o/lab`s suite Art Science & Cocktails - and pamper yourself with exquisite experiences of the three things we love most ...
The opening weekend will be spiced with opportunities for discussions, reflections, and a meeting with artists who have made their mark internationally with their research.

Article Biennial is produced and hosted by i/o/lab - Centre for Future Art, an artist-run organization offering expertise in the field of art, technology and science. i/o/labs projects has often been mentioned among the most innovative and interesting art projects in the region and nationally. In presenting innovative artistic projects within the interface art / science i/o/lab creates a meeting place between art and research, which targets a broad audience with roots in the local community. Article Biennale promotes art commenting on our digital world and that is affecting the ethical and political issues concerning our time.