Ubermorgen.com makes new brand for fuel

7pm Monday evening, a gas station in the suburbs of Stavanger is invaded by an artistic intervention posing as a photo-shoot. Part of the station is transformed through black vinyl and branding stickers. The existing station design suddenly becomes a slick-looking black and white exclusive pumping station for a luxury fuel. The gas attendants in black branded uniforms with distinguishable gothic make-up sets the tone of the leather-clad bikers that roll their Harley's into the station to refuel. And so the photo-shoot starts…

The 6 hour activity of changing scenes and situations with models stylists, passers-by, props and costumes, this public photographic sets starts to read like a performance or intervention for passers by and users of the gas station during the time.

Under the direction of UBERMORGEN.COM , casting and styling by Ines Chitussi and photographed by Dag Knudsen, the activity starts to resemble a commercial advertising shoot, but the new brand and the posed scenes soon read like a subversive act both to the brands of gas and the environment in which it is shot.

Following this intervention, UBERMORGEN.COM launches www.dotoildot.com

Visit the website: http://www.dotoildot.com/
Get the PDF catalogue: http://www.dotoildot.com/assets/cataloque.pdf
See the Manifesto: http://www.dotoildot.com/MANIFESTO.html