Talkaoke on: Oil and environmental safety

12 Oct 2012 -
19:00 to 21:00

Article program the second weekend (12.-14.oktober) will be devoted to the theme OIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY
Talkaoke with Roald Kommedal,Gunhild Moe and Steinar Sanni.
(SKUR2 | kl.19.00 - 21.00 | 50 NOK | in Norwegian)

Friday the 12.october we invite people to our second TALKAOKE arrangement with focus on oil, environment and safety. In collaboration with the artist group “The People Speak” we are presenting a program we hope will raise the temperature and the discourse of how people reflect upon these issues.

Some possible perspectives we would encourage to disseminate:
- Oilnation / The capitol of oil, Stavanger is breeding business, knowledge and wealth - but what are the backdraws? 

- What plans and thoughts do we have for innovation and future focus on sustainable technology?
- What is development perspective (demand) for the oil and who is it for?
- What has been the impact of the oil industry environmentally?

This is not inteded to be an expert panel but an open discussion forum where the public can get involved and participate. We want to poke on people's habitual way of thinking, raise unpopular issues and promote new inspiring thoughts.

Vi har engasjert tre personer som vil være kveldens Talkaoke verter og initiere publikum til å delta i diskusjoner gjennom å spørre spørsmål som engasjerer publikum.

Vi vil avsløre at følgende personer vil være tilstede som våre talkaoke verter:
Roald Kommedal /
Gunhild Moe /
Steinar Sanni /