Opening: Nele Azevedo - Minimum Monument

15 Sep 2010 - 17:00

Site City square steps, Stavanger
Time 15 September 17:00

Minimum Monument
Minimum Monument is a Project of urban intervention in public spaces. Hundreds of ice sculptures are taken to central places of cities and with help from the passers-by they are left to melt. The sculptures are tiny men and women, 20 cm tall, placed on stairways.

In the search for reconciliation between the public and private spheres, the subject and the city, the public monument appears as the synthesis of uneasiness: the historical celebration far from the ordinary man.

Therefore, Minimum Monument becomes the anti-monument, as it plays and subverts all the characteristics of the official historical monument. It celebrates the political strength of the ephemeral and the small, in opposition to the monumental and the great. There is neither pedestal nor hierarchy: it opts for the anonymous man, whose face can be as diverse as the temporality that animates it.

If the ice men communicate to us the inevitable solitude facing the greatness and the institutional that sometimes oppresses us, they also speak, in our hope, of the power of multiplication of the minimum. Furthermore, they remind us about the humanity of the "small" in the daily gestures of celebrating life. The ice bodies disappear in the city, in a shared experience. The happening remains on the viewers’ memories and their pictures.

Néle Azevedo lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Master of visual arts, has been working with urban interventions since 2001, with the project Minimum Monument, discussing the public monuments in the contemporary cities, such as Brasilia, Havana, Tokyo, Paris, Firenze and Berlin. The artist also performed several ephemeral interventions in the urban spaces, videos and site specific works.