Article 2010

One could speculate that the current conditions of living in Stavanger and many cities like it, is built on the fragility and limited resources of our environment and the subconscious anxiety that we are not sure how long we can continue to live like this. Realities of climate change, ongoing media reports of environmental disasters due to our consumerist actions, prophesies of doom for generations to come and personal health treats are reminding us daily of the challenges we are facing. And yet, we continue to live our daily lives as if it is all as it should be.

For those that attempt to make a difference and try to live more environmentally friendly and lobby for action to be taken by governments and corporate culprits are often challenged by feelings of hopelessness, given the global scale of the problem and the revolutionary mind-shift of global powers that is needed. So some do what they can, but the majority of the population still continues to live their daily lives as if it is all as it should be.

Through the presentation of temporary public artworks that are singular momentary encounters in Stavanger, ARTICLE 2010 hopes to create awareness and amplify the little doubts of the viewer about the notions of environmental impact, energy crisis and their consumerist attitudes. The curatorial intention is not to create this through loud and bold statements, but rather through subtle and temporary disruptions of the every-day that could stimulate questions but most importantly get the unsuspecting audience to notice that something is not quite right.

Article 2010 presents Stavanger with temporary public interventions, conference, workshop and public screening by international artists from the 14th September to the 15th of October.
Article 2010 provides interstices for «unstable artforms»: we intend to encompass site-specific art which is not yet institutionalised and stabilised by traditional frameworks of production and distribution, art which crosses disciplinary boundaries, which engages unusual contexts and references, or art which is not anchored by permanent static objects. These are complimented by public presentations, workshop and a conference.
(Please see the program for more information)

Participating artists and presenters include:
Nele Azevedo/Michael Bauwens/Tina Finnas/Terike Haapoja/Helen&Hard/Simon Høgsberg/
Sophie Jerram/Scott Kellogg/Tapio Màkele/Andrea Polli/Lerato Shadie/Karolina Sobecka/
Momoko Seto/Kim Stokke/Ulla Taipale/The Yes Men/ Webb

Kuratorer Hege Tapio (i/o/lab) og Marcus Neustetter


Neustetter is a Johannesburg (South Africa) based artist, curator, cultural activist and producer, Marcus Neustetter, reflects critically and playfully on his context through his art and collaborative projects. His strategy has been to pro-actively build opportunities and experiences that investigate, reflect and provoke. Mostly process driven, his production of projects at the intersection of art, science and technology has led him to work in a multi-disciplinary approach and find context spefic strategies for working with artists and alternative audiences. In partnership with Stephen Hobbs, he has developed commissions, projects and exhibitions in alternative and public space through The Trinity Session over the last ten years.