Artists in Article 2016

Eva Bakkeslett


Rømmekolle Revival – Cultural emigration and bacterial fermentation

Inspired by bacterial cultures and the process of fermentation, artist Eva Bakkeslett has been researching and reviving the traditional, but rapidly vanishing, fermented milk culture rømmekolle that is deeply rooted in Scandinavian culture. Rømmekolle is milk fermented with a bacterial culture that originates from the plant Butterworth. 
Hear the story, taste the culture and help to spread the precious Rømmekolle by learning how to become a cultural activist with artist and gentle activist Eva Bakkeslett.

George Gessert



When we select ornamental plants for the windowsill or garden, we are making what amount to aesthetic choices. These can have evolutionary consequences: plants with aesthetic characteristics that are favored tend to become more common, while plants with less favored characteristics become rare or disappear.

Gints Gabrans


“FOOOD”  /  "Metabolic Dominance"

The artist is presenting two works from his project "FOOOD" - involving the exploration of cellulolytic enzymes that would make it possible for humans to digest cellulose. The project presents both a creative solution to feed the growing population of the world and possible uses of the enzyme within warfare and culinaric gastronomy.

Jalila Essaïdi



Jalila Essaïdi is based at the DIYbio lab BioArt Laboratory in Eindhoven. We’ll be showing her work 2.6g 329m/s BULLETPROOF SKIN, a piece of in vitro human skin reinforced with genetically modified spider silk, and a series of new works called LIFE VESSELS which explore how future humans could gradually have spider silk skin. 

Joe Davis

Malus ecclesia: The Oldest Eden /  Astrobiological Horticulture  /  Bombyx Chrysopoeia

Joe Davis is one of the best-known figures of bioart. With his copious ideas, persistent engagement in scientific research and characteristic, peg-legged shape, he is noticed wherever he goes. Now he is coming to Article with three of his new works: Malus ecclesia: The Oldest Eden, Astrobiological Horticulture and Bombyx Chrysopoeia.

Margherita Pevere


Semina Aeternitatis 

In the piece Semina Aeternitatis, Margherita Pevere poetically relates to the human longing for eternity and the desire to permanently preserve memories and information. The project consists of three tiers, and the artist invites the audience to participate in the first tier during the Article biennial.