Artists in Article 2012

Anne Viken

Viken is a trained veterinarian from the Veterinary College, she has a BA in International Studies + a master's degree in political science from the University of Oslo.
Viken has worked as a journalist in Klassekampen, Dagbladet, Dagens Næringsliv and Firda, as well as news editor of Universitas. She has also been a commentator in Klassekampen, Dag og Tid and Firda and written numerous feature articles in various newspapers. Viken has also worked as a veterinarian in Sweden, as well as a journalist and lecturer. Writes also features guest columns for Nationen.

Cathrine Kramer

Cathrine Kramer (Norway)
Cathrine is an artist, designer, researcher and curator working internationally. With a focus on food, technology and ecology, her experimental practice aims to discover the good, the bad and the ugly of life on Spaceship Earth. Since 2010 she has been working collaboratively on the development of the Center for Genomic Gastronomy and is a visiting lecturer in the Design & Environment MA at Goldsmiths College, London.

Erland Bræin

Erland is 60 years old. Educated at the Norwegian musician music college with
woodflute as his main instrument. He also studied classical archeology and
different cultural-political topics.
He has professional experience as principal of a municipal music school,
county music director and special consultant in Nordland County and
orchestra manager in Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. From 2000 he worked in
Sandnes municipality chief advisor, consultant and senior advisor. From 2007 he
has worked as Head of Cultural affairs in Sandnes.

Margit Vea

Margit Vea is one of our Talkaoke hosts Friday October 5th, when we open the Biennale with the theme "Sustainable Food Production"
Margit Vea is an active social commentator. The Facebook Page "Norsk Matrevolusjon" was created in the aftermath of an article in Aftenposten this spring "We need a food revolution" she is also expressing her opinions on the blog Margit is concerned with values ​​of pure and genuine ingredients, local food and the environment.


RIXC is organiser of the annual new media culture festival "Art+Communication" (taking place in Riga since 1996) and publisher of "Acoustic Space" publication series – on internet radio, sound art, spectral ecology and network culture (since 1998).
E-LAB/RIXC has initiated pioneering projects in the field of streaming media – in 1998 the global internet radio project XCHANGE – net audio network recieved Award of Destinction in PRIX Ars Electronica 98. Other relevant RIXC's projects include: Acoustic space lab, Solar Radio Station (symposium, DVD, and live performance from Irbene Radiotelescope RT-32, 2001-2008); Milk (GPS/locative media project by Esther Polak, Ieva Auzina, and RIXC, recieved Golden Nica in PRIX Ars Electronica 2005)

Roald Kommedal

Kommedal works as a Associate Professor at the Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics and Science
His area of ​​expertise is in chemistry, environmental chemistry, biology, environmental biotechnology and ecology.
Research areas that he works in is environmental engineering, water and wastewater, environmental microbiology,microbial ecology and environmental science and technology.

Steinar Sanni

S. Sanni is a senior research advisor and scientist with applied ecotoxicology as main current research area. His focuses the last ten years has been on environmental risk assessment, biological effects and biomarker based field monitoring in relation to offshore oil and gas industry.
He has more than 30 years of broad scientific experience, emphasizing previously on lake eutrophication and restoration as well as intensive aquaculture production modelling and system optimisation. He has managed several research projects financed by national and international research councils as well as multiclient industry financed projects.
S. Sanni has several publications in reviewed scientific journals, conference presentations and training courses.


SymbioticA is an artistic laboratory dedicated to the research, learning and critique of life sciences. It is the first research laboratory of its kind, in that it enables artists and researchers to engage in wet biology practices in a biological science department.


Tankepolitiet is one of our hosts Talkaoke Friday 26th October when we launch our Talkaoke on "Cultural Economy"
Tankepolitiet is a small tangible and occasional guerrilla-like culture collective. In many ways they are a think tank, otherwise they work as agitators, but in all ways they are making art. Tankepolitiet started off with the opening of the Culture Laboratory, the younger sister of Tou Scene in the eastern district. Tankepolitiet works across all disciplines both with graphic art, performance, literature, fiction and reality. It takes a lot to get Tankepolitiet into a chatty context with other people. They look forward to participate!

Terje Eide

Eide has worked as a consultant / partner in Markedsføringshuset since 1998
Began his career as a consultant in communications and marketing strategy in 1996.
Eide is a value creator that emphasizes business understanding, knowledge transfer, participative processes and recommendations based on good analysis.
Graduated from the University of Stavanger (Higher inc. / Adm. Entreprenuerskap (1990 - 1993) and Aalborg (1 year) specializing in management, strategy and marketing. Holds directorships in several regional companies.
Terje Hauge is originally from Haugesund, father of three, soccer coach, bookworm, curious and hobby chef, who happily shares knowledge in his extensive network.

The People Speak

"The People Speak" is a collective with the most amazingly diverse skills, interests, abilities and passions.
They present to us: tools for the world to take over itself

Tove Kommedal

Tove Kommedal, an artist who lives and works in Stavanger. She is project based with sculptural installations, socio-political and relational aesthetics. Kommedal projects are based on the tension between the emotional and the rational.

Zack Denfeld

Zack Denfeld (USA)
Zack is an artist and educator who has worked extensively in the U.S., India and Europe. He is currently researching and making work about the human food systems on Spaceship Earth with the Center for Genomic Gastronomy. Zack has helped create and launch the Center for Experimental Media Art (CEMA) in Bangalore, India and the graduate program in Collaborative Design at PNCA in Portland, Oregon, USA. Zack holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Syracuse University.