Artists in Article 2010

Andrea Polli (US)

Ground Truth

For almost 100 years, throughout the world from Antarctica to Greenland to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, people have been stationed in remote, uncomfortable and sometimes hazardous locations for the sole reason of physically observing and recording the weather. Meteorologists, military and commercial pilots, air traffic controllers, and many others depend on this regular information, what they call "ground truth"

Beehive Design Collective (US)


The Beehive Collective has contributed with their artistic illustrations for the poster and catalogue of Article Biennale. The Beehive Collective is a multi-faceted organism with many people and varied projects.
The work that most people recognize them for is their posters- these are a graphic approach to alternative tools for educating and organizing.



HOAX is an artist name for a well known grafitti artist that will present a special commisioned work for Article Biennale in Tou Vindu.

James Webb (ZA)

A public service announcement declaring “Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please. You are reminded that everything is fine,” is broadcast at random intervals during the day, in a public space. The intervention is unadvertised and presented without any context, allowing the incidental audiences to resolve whatever this open statement might mean or refer to.

Karolina Sobecka

Puff 01

Amateur Human (AH) is a series of playful accessories, tangible information devices that personalize our relationship to the environment. AH design is a strategy to explore the overlap between the material and immaterial, the social and psychological mechanisms behind our behaviors.

Lerato Shadi (ZA)


Hema (or Six hours of out-breath captured in 792 balloons) takes a public space as its starting point. The work is based on footage of a performance staged by Shadi at the offices of the advertising agency Ogilvy in Cape Town.

Momoko Seto (JP)

This film shows a worrisome, strange yet playful world composed only of salt crystal formations. The crystals’ physical beauty and their corrosive features create a curious antinomy which reminds us of a living, invading and dangerous creature.

Nele Azevedo (BR)

Minimum Monument Berlim September 2009 photo Néle Azevedo

Minimum Monument is a Project of urban intervention in public spaces. Hundreds of ice sculptures are taken to central places of cities and with help from the passers-by they are left to melt.

Scott Kellogg (US)

As the trends of climate change and energy depletion converge in the near future, humanity will face the challenge of having to transition into a society based on sustainable principles. It will be necessary for us to drastically reduce our consumption of Earth’s resources, as well as having to recycle our waste products back into natural systems. To those not familiar with its fundamentals, the task of achieving global sustainability can seem daunting and confusing.

Simon Høgsberg (DK)

Free Advice

Four days in September (2010) Danish photographer Simon Høgsberg will be giving anyone who needs to discuss particular matters Free Advice + Coffee on the public square Torget in Stavanger.

Sophie Jerram (NZ)

Last Gasp

The project Last Gasp makes an appraisal of the bottled water’s commercial offer of refreshment to the end consumer by affixing a new brand to otherwise unused water bottles.

Terike Haapoja (FI)

Terika Haapoja Entropy 01

The video installation ENTOPY shows the cooling down of a horses’ body after its death, recorded with a an infrared camera. The original duration of 9 hours has been edited to a 25minutes loop.

The Yes Men (US)

The Yes Men 01

The Yes Men Fix the World is a screwball true story that follows a couple of gonzo political activists as they infiltrate the world of big business and pull off outrageous pranks that highlight the ways that corporate greed is destroying the planet. Along the way the duo discover the culprits behind the cult of greed, and in a wildly uplifting ending, they find a way for everyone to defeat the cult and save civilization from its own worst excesses.


Definisjonsmakt nr 4.
Av Tove Kommedal

Definisjonsmakt nr 4. er et arbeid som tar sikte på å utvide og problematisere begrepet Norges matfat. Hva er det som gir en råvare status? Når blir det makabre estetisk, det upopulære trendy, det usmakelige smakfullt? Hvem er premissleverandør for hva som er hipt, sunt, usunt eller motbydelig? Hvem har definisjonsmakt?

Velkommen til bords!
Kommedal leter ikke etter konkrete svar eller løsninger, men ønsker å åpne opp for en diskurs mellom materiale, form og mening. (AT/CH/USA) will market a new brand of fuel during Article.
The brand will be announced through their own website and a Sticker campaign.