Yann Marussich (CH)

Yann Marussich: Bleu Remix

Bleu Provisoire is a performance premiered in 2001 – Bleu Remix takes it further: this truly motionless dance piece becomes a veritable manifesto for immobility. The idea is to stay absolutely still for one hour - the only action is the performer’s secretions that flow in succession, and are blue in color. The mysterious blue liquid oozes through the layers of his skin, as if it was a by-product of his body's inner processes. Marussich confuses the inside and the outside world - secret passages from the unconscious straight to the conscious. In Bleu.Remix, the naked man functions like a mirror, a motionless sculpture. A bloodless flaying of the body. A hallucination of one’s own body is mixed in with biological realities, endlessly confusing madness and concreteness. A choreography of blue secretions. Blue, a banal color and yet one with a rich history, gets us away from the idea of red blood. It produces a different relationship between the body and color.

Each time the spectacle is performed, a local musician remixes the performer’s body sounds. This one-time confrontation of a musician with the performance brings an element of risk and uniqueness to the motionless encounter.


Yann Marussich's (1966) artistic lineage stems from contemporary dance. His intensely poetic spectacles leave noone indifferent. Critics call his productions "stripping, surprising, provocative, authentic". He has created nearly 30 dance spectacles and performances since 1989. Between 1993 and 2000, in parallel with his artistic work, he was the director of l'Usine in Geneva (in the programme of which nearly only projects of vanguard contemporary choreography and performance art could be found). He is also the founder of ADC Studio in Geneva (1993). The spectacle Bleu Provisoire was created in 2001 and established the founding point of his long-lasting research on motionlessness. He has created a number of solos presented in international festivals since then.