Philippe Rahm Architectes (CH)

Philippe Rahm Architectes - Winterbeach

Winterbeach is a simple project of architectural shift, a geographic slip in latitude, the construction of a temporality as a landscape. In Norway, during the winter, we propose the physiological construction of a beach, of an edge of sea. What we retain is an angle of sight, a dazzling, the brightness of the reflection of the sunlight on the water whose light, thus reflected, reaches us on the retina from an under angle, escaping from the protection of the lashes and the inclination of the head. It is also an electromagnetic radiation, certain wavelengths in the invisible, in the ultraviolet rays, which transforms the skin by an increase in the melanin. A geometrical angle and a production of melanin are here the only elements that constitute the winter beach. It appears to us as a blind but dazzling landscape.


Philippe Rahm, born in 1967, studied at the Federal Polytechnic Schools of Lausanne and Zurich. He obtained his architectural degree in 1993. He was the principal of the firm “Décosterd & Rahm, associés” until 2004. He works currently in Paris (France) and Lausanne (Switzerland). In 2002, he was chosen to represent Switzerland at the 8th Architecture Biennale in Venice. He has participated in a number of exhibitions worldwide. He is currently working on several private and public projects in France, Poland, England, Italy and Austria.