Novmichi Tosa (JP)

Novmichi Tosa: Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a flower-motif objet d'art inspired from a story called Edelweiss Program written by Novmichi Tosa, an experimental novel about genes, sex, rebirth, fashion and the quest for the ideal woman, symbolized by a crystal Edelweiss flower.

What is the essence of a woman? What is the biological essence of the female? Edelweiss questions womanhood and associated stereotypes - womb and gene-pool, superficial love of fashion, Eros and motherhood. The produced items are intended to support the mission to find the precious flower. The process of the project follows an inductive method that could be paraphrased as "making glass slippers to find Cinderella." The philosophical fairytale Edelweiss Program consists of three scenes:

1. The Apple Engine: on motherhood, on asceticism, on fetuses and on feminization.
2. The Rebellion of Poodles: on menace, on emasculation and on obedience.
3. The Humming Comb: on surface, on fashion, on genes and on resurrection.

The narrative of each scene inspires a particular imagery, which inspires a series of artworks called Nonsense Machines. This process is similar to that of movie making: a scenario is translated into a storyboard which configures props. The project is ongoing and expanding with the ultimate goal of turning every line in the script into a Nonsense Machine.

For Article08, the exhibition will be composed mainly using the story and themes from "The Humming Comb".


Novmichi Tosa : The president of Maywa Denki. He’s been introducing various of self-developed nonsense machines. Maywa Denki is well known as simulating the typical style of “small and medium-sized enterprises” of high economic growth period in Japan.

EDELWEISS Series, which has started from 2000, is a project made outside the context of Maywa Denki. Based on the theme of “What is womanhood?”, he’s aiming to develop the products and it’s view of the world as “poems”, “fashion” and “technology” are fused together.