Junji Watanabe (JP)

Junji Watanabe, Takanobu Inafuku: Money's Biography

An object has its own history, and its value is decided mainly based on history and context. For example, rare stamps are traded with premium value due to their limited availability. However, the value of money does not depend on its history. The same value is guaranteed regardless of the quality or history of the piece of paper. Money’s value is based on our shared confidence in the value itself.
In this installation, an ultrasonic speaker* which presents sounds with keen directional selectivity projects messages to the people standing in front of an ATM machine. The projected sounds tell stories about money. This installation is intended to encourage people to reconsider the meaning of their money.

The ultrasonic speaker can project ultrasonic waves modulated by audible frequencies with directional selectivity as a sound beam. Although the ultrasonic spectrum is inaudible, objects or people at the selected locations are vibrated with audible frequency. The speaker, therefore, can produce a hallucination of hearing by directly presenting sounds to an audience.

Yasushi Fukuzawa, Takanobu Inafuku


Junji Watanabe (Japan) was born in 1976, and received Ph. D. in Information Science and Technology from the University of Tokyo in 2005. He is currently PRESTO researcher at Japan science and technology agency. He studies cognitive science and communication devices with applied perception. He received honorary mentioned in Ars Electronica "NextIdea" 2004, and his art works "Save YourSelf!!!" and "Slot Machine Drawing" have been exhibited in Ars Electronica Center from 2007 to 2008. He also works on the stage design of performing art with media performance unit "cell/66b".