Artists in Article 2008

HeHe (FR)

The Smoking Lamp is an object that amplifies the personal choice of smoking or not smoking in a public environment. The lamp is deliberately paradoxical, at once inviting the public to smoke whilst at the same time signalling their transgression. Designed as a funnel that terminates with a ring of light, the lamp changes from a bright white to a warm pink if it detects nicotine smoke beneath it.

Junji Watanabe (JP)

An object has its own history, and its value is decided mainly based on history and context. For example, rare stamps are traded with premium value due to their limited availability. However, the value of money does not depend on its history. The same value is guaranteed regardless of the quality or history of the piece of paper. Money’s value is based on our shared confidence in the value itself.

Maia Urstad & Hilde Hauan Johnsen (NO)

Maia Urstad / Hilde Hauan Johnsen - 0100102 En fiberoptisk lydinstallasjon for Bryne Togstasjon

This site specific installation work for Bryne Railway Station deals with the invisible universe of information circulating in our global telecommunication systems: airwaves, broadband, telephone signals and digital radio/TV transmissions. Invisible waves of voices and noise are constantly flowing through us without our being aware of anything other than the concrete events – e.g. when our mobile phone rings or websites appear on the computer screen.

Novmichi Tosa (JP)

Novmichi Tosa: Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a flower-motif objet d'art inspired from a story called Edelweiss Program written by Novmichi Tosa, an experimental novel about genes, sex, rebirth, fashion and the quest for the ideal woman, symbolized by a crystal Edelweiss flower.

Olivier Goulet (FR)

Olivier Goulet - SkinBag Corps.EXT

Olivier Goulet’s SkinBag family is made up of synthetic skin, bags, accessories and overgarments with their distinctive folded texture, flexible material, and seamless organic appearance, linked to the way they are cast.

Philippe Rahm Architectes (CH)

Philippe Rahm Architectes - Winterbeach

Winterbeach is a simple project of architectural shift, a geographic slip in latitude, the construction of a temporality as a landscape. In Norway, during the winter, we propose the physiological construction of a beach, of an edge of sea. What we retain is an angle of sight, a dazzling, the brightness of the reflection of the sunlight on the water whose light, thus reflected, reaches us on the retina from an under angle, escaping from the protection of the lashes and the inclination of the head.

Sissel Tolaas (NO)

Each day we breathe about 23040 times and move around 438 cubic feet of air. It takes us about five seconds to breathe - two seconds to inhale and three seconds to exhale and, in that time, molecules of odor flood through our systems. We can identify up to 10.000 smells… but how do we communicate all this information? Mostly in just two ways: “it smells good”, or “it smells bad”.



Run over four days, the workshop introduces participants to issues, concepts and techniques relating to contemporary art practices dealing with the manipulation of life. The tools of modern biology are demonstrated and performed through artistic engagement, which in turn opens discussion about the broader philosophical and ethical implications into the extent of human intervention with other living things. Emphasis is placed on developing critical thought, ethical issues and cross-disciplinary experimentation in art.

Yann Marussich (CH)

Yann Marussich: Bleu Remix

Bleu Provisoire is a performance premiered in 2001 – Bleu Remix takes it further: this truly motionless dance piece becomes a veritable manifesto for immobility. The idea is to stay absolutely still for one hour - the only action is the performer’s secretions that flow in succession, and are blue in color.

Zbigniew Oksiuta (PL)

Zbigniew Oksiuta –House as Bioreactor

It is remarkable that the name of the basic unit of life - the cell - has a spatial and architectural connotation. But the living cell is not a chamber. It is clump of sticky liquid protoplasm at a nano-scale. It works not mechanically but as a chemical factory. In dynamic feedback correlations with the surrounding it produces and manages all processes that are needed for it to live.